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We offer a comprehensive, flexible service from individual assessment and therapy, reports and recommendations, to universal support and training in ECE settings and schools. We offer services across Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty.


We utilise a range of assessment approaches and techniques to ascertain children's development, skills, and needs. We predominantly use informal, play based approaches to assessment to outline a child's skills, and use developmental norms to highlight areas of delay. We also offer formal language and speech assessments on request, whereby a standardised assessment is used to assess a child's skills and identify areas of need against national developmental norms. We use findings and outcomes from both informal and formal assessments to guide and inform goals for therapy.


We offer therapy sessions in a setting of your choice including home, ECE/kohanga, and school. Therapy sessions focus on goals outlined following assessment to support a child's area(s) of need across their speech, language, and communication. Therapy sessions also aim to support parents' and whanau's awareness and understanding of a child's needs, and to enable and empower them to support their child's speech, language, and communication development. We can provide individual therapy, paired therapy sessions or group sessions to support children as appropriate.


We provide either full assessment reports or summary assessment/therapy reports on request. These aim to highlight a child's areas of strength and need across their speech, language, and communication, as well as offering strategies to support areas of delay or disorder. Reports may also be provided and used to support referrals or applications to other services, or to highlight a child's difficulties to other professionals.


We offer a range of training sessions for education settings including early education centres and schools. We can provide training on speech, language, and communication development, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Sensory Feeding Difficulties, a course run with ABD Occupational Therapy. 

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