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Working with children, their whanau, and professionals to ensure children are given the tools they need to meet their communication potential and find their voice.

Areas of Specialism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)   -   Learning Disability   -   Complex Needs   -   Eating and Drinking Difficulties

Aversive and Behavioural Feeding Difficulties   -   Language Delay/Disorder   -   Speech Delay

Alternative Communication (AAC)

As Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) we assess and treat speech, language, and communications problems and support those with eating and drinking difficulties. Little Voices works with children in Tauranga and across the Western Bay of Plenty. 


We work directly with individuals to assess and support communication difficulties, either individually or in groups (specialist provision). We work with the whanau, carers, and other professionals to train those supporting children with speech, language and communication needs (targeted provision). We also work with kindy's/kohanga's, schools, and other provisions to train professionals in supporting the language and communication environment of those in their care (universal provision). 

We strive to make sessions and activities fun and enjoyable while using evidence based therapeutic methods. We strongly believe in working closely alongside parents and whanau and other professionals to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to intervention.

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